The fifth edition of InterClassics Brussels will pay tribute to five of the most legendary car designers in history. A unique collection of classic cars designed by Pininfarina,

Over the last three days, 23,449 buyers and enthusiasts visited the fourth edition of InterClassics Brussels at Brussels Expo. The 60th anniversary of the World Expo was the main theme of


Porsche has been synonymous with the ultimate sports cars for 70 years now. The ‘70 years Porsche 356’ anniversary will be a central theme at the fourth edition of InterClassics Brussels,


Maastricht, 6 March 2018 – ’60 Years World Expo/Cars of ‘58’ will be the main theme at the fourth edition of InterClassics Brussels. Sixty years ago, the World Expo was held at the

In the last few days, 23.155 buyers and enthusiasts visited InterClassics Brussels. This past weekend, MECC Maastricht organised the third edition of this exhibition at

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